HUM 102


An interdisciplinary humanities survey, designed to introduce students to cultures east and west, ancient and modern which have, over time, impacted and interacted with their own culture, and thus to encourage critical reflection on this wider cultural heritage with emphasis on philosophy, literature, arts, political thought, science and religion. Readings in primary and secondary materials from the Renaissance era to the present to analyze, compare and contrast ideas, paradigms, world views.


You can find the syllabus for spring 2021 here.


The sections for this term will be as follows:

Section 01 - Dr. Sandrine Bertaux

Section 02 - Dr. Foster Chamberlin

Section 03 - Dr. Sandrine Bertaux

Section 04 - Dr. Foster Chamberlin

Section 05 -  Dr. Sandrine Bertaux

Section 06 - Dr. Foster Chamberlin

Section 07 -  Dr. Sandrine Bertaux

Section 08 - Dr. Foster Chamberlin

Section 09 - Dr. Ceren Abi

Section 10 - Dr. Ebru Akçasu